PESSO BOYDEN Ongoing Group in Cambridge

An opportunity to work in groups with this distinctive body-mind therapy


Our bodies often give us signals and insights to things we are struggling with in daily life. This ongoing group will explore the Pesso Boyden system (PBSP) which offers a method through which to explore why we act and behave in particular ways.  It can help us to better understand the actions, reactions and interactions of and with others, (family, friends and professional relationships).

PBSP can help with a wide range of work-related and personal issues, for example:

  • performance anxiety in relation to presentations
  • relationship issues
  • authority issues and assertion blocks
  • dealing with disappointment and loss
  • recovery from trauma
  • issues of identity and belonging
  • expressing power and vulnerability

Pesso Boyden Therapy creates a ritual space where present issues can be creatively and sensitively explored in the context of the past, to create new perspectives for the future.

PBSP is recognised as a powerful therapy: “…the answer lies in the kind of body work done by Albert Pesso in which a patient in a group context is able to orchestrate their own reparative somatic experience” (Counselling & Psychotherapy Journal, May 2004)

“The ultimate goal is to introduce into the internal being a taste of what it would be like to have had a different, more benign past and thus to engender more hope-filled expectations about the future..” (Maggie Scarf, ‘Secrets, Lies, Betrayals’)

The workshops will be facilitated by Jon Chapman. Jon is a Certified Pesso Boyden


Dates/Time: Commences Tuesday 24th October 2017, 2-7pm, then

21-Nov, 23-Jan, 20-Feb. 20-Mar, 24-Apr

Location: Cambridge Centre for Body Psychotherapy, Ditton Walk, Cambridge

Cost per participant:  £45 per per session (minimum 4 sessions)

To book your place, contact

Jon Chapman Email, tel. 07941-692793

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