There are times when we feel like the events of life could overwhelm us. Even the most exciting and positive changes might require us to reassess our lifestyle and our existing commitments in a way we find unsettling.

At such times the support offered by professional counselling and psychotherapy can be a profound help to people experiencing feelings of loss, anger and uncertainty.

At other times it is simply a deep curiosity about life’s future possibilities that leads someone to decide to explore their greater potential.

Our approach is based on the integration of body, mind and heart – sensation, thought and feeling – used in Pesso-Boyden System Psychomotor (PBSP). We work deeply with memory and emotion to build ‘antidotes’ to the unhelpful patterns of our ‘old map’ – the way we have come to see the world, and create new perspectives on the present and future that unlock a different way of doing things. At the core of this work are Love, Justice and Hope.

“Error is just as important a condition of life as truth”

Carl Jung

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