Pesso Boyden

Pesso Boyden Therapy (PBSP) is an integrative therapeutic approach that combines thought, feeling and sensation in order to create deep motivation for change and development.

PBSP has been developed over the last 60 years from the work of two remarkable visionary therapists, Albert Pesso and Diane Boyden, from its roots in the world of choreography and dance movement to the broad spectrum of applications it has today, working with (among many) personal growth, career development, anxiety, trauma, relationships and family systems.

Pesso Boyden Therapy can be applied one-to-one or in groups. A Pesso Boyden session will use symbolic and archetypal images and figures to explore our inner map of the world around us, creating real felt experiences of alternative ways of being in the world. We work to create new, synthetic parallel memories of ‘what might have been’ in order to loosen the power of old unhelpful patterns and create the new perspectives that are needed for change.

Pesso Boyden Therapy is profound, compassionate ad liberating.

Jon Chapman is a Certified Pesso Boyden Therapist

Jane Davey has completed the Pesso Boyden Practitioner training required to use PBSP in her therapeutic and coaching work.

Both Jon and Jane are members of the Pesso Boyden Association UK

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