What People Say

“I am very lucky to have had the opportunity to have been coached by you, through some very dark days of career, relationship and children to a place where there are endless new opportunities.”                                          

(Partner, leading international accountancy practice)


“I really enjoyed your session as I share so many of the principles that you talked us through. I have been on a number of these kinds of events/courses and to date, have not met anyone that hit the spot in the way that you did. I appreciated your deep insight into the origins of our behaviour as leaders and in particular, the life stories/leadership journeys and their impact on what we do and how we do it.

Thanks also for being so flexible with the programme. It worked. You are an inspiration – please keep doing what you are doing. If only more leadership programmes focused on the issues that you do.”

 (Chief Executive, UK Charity)


“Thanks for Monday – you are a magician! I was and still am in a different space. The interview went extremely well and I was invited back for the next round. More importantly I was able to assess the job on offer and what I am looking for with increased clarity.”

(Career Counselling Coachee)


“Thank you so much for recommending Jon Chapman. Jon was very helpful, a real lifeline during my lowest period. I can’t say thanks enough for coming up with him for me.”

(Senior Manager, Public Sector)


“Thanks so much for all your help, which I feel has opened up some new and extensive vistas; as well as introducing me to some powerful literature. I have really enjoyed our sessions and look forward to meeting again.”

(Director, UK Technology Firm)

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