What We Do

  • Career Change
  • Mid-life crisis
  • Separation and Divorce
  • Loss
  • Young Adults

Sometimes clients come to us because there is something that they want to fix, or do better.

Sometimes they come with a general sense of disquiet about the way their life is going.

Usually, there are practical things that people need support with: leaving or healing a relationship, starting a new job or career, dealing with loss.

Often, behind the practicalities, lie deeper questions about purpose and  identity. How is it that I react in this way? Why did I not see this coming? Why do I need this so much? Such questions are usually grounded in our childhood experiences, when patterns of behaviour are set.

Sometimes we have to explore the roots of our behaviour in order to move beyond what holds us back.

We operate along the boundary of therapy and coaching, working creatively with a range of tools and techniques to respond appropriately to each unique client situation.

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