Leadership Development

Leadership is that mysterious interface between the organisation and its operating environment, at the nexus of which sits an individual – the leader.

Leadership occurs at all levels of the organisation and in many different ways, and is provided by different people at different times. However, the greater the level of organisational responsibility you hold – position, status – the greater the obligation you have to provide leadership.

The unit of production of leadership is one – the individual – and the pressure that results creates special demands for psychological and moral integrity.

Above all else leadership is a journey into the unknown. It is a journey on which the leader will face unprecedented challenges, and will be required not only to provide vision for the organisation, but support and challenge for those following. In addition, the leader must also learn how to take care of him/herself, and how to lead in his or her own unique way.

Leadership cannot be taught, but its learning can be facilitated. We have many years’ experience of working with leaders, helping them create empowering visions and the personal resilience to succeed.

“It will be different this time are the most expensive words in the English language.”

John Templeton

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